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by Molly Findlay 

Mrs. Noodle Pillow was born to softly and cozily subvert the day-to-day. A sofa that is also a toy, also a sculpture, mutable and formable, that sometimes re- minds us, when we drag it to and fro, of the human condition, then the release of a perfect nap, the support of giant arms. Allows formal

spaces to be just as beautiful, but a bit more silly, a bit more human. Pile up, string out, or coil into a supportive nest. Also good for diving.

When we had children, it came to our attention that many sofas, even the most chic, are required to be treated with dangerous flame retardants. We couldn’t help but think about families and children as they harvest materials treated with pesticides, or the geese to make down. We also didn’t really want polyurethane foam to be a part of our lives. That left the question - what should go inside the noodles?

Kapok is considered the spirit tree of the Amazon. These trees tower over the forest canopy and put out giant, cotton- like seed pods filled with a gorgeous, silky fiber. Naturally buoyant and antimicrobial, the fiber was once used in life- vests.

Kapok fiber is softer than cotton but firmer than down and completely sustainable, the pods simply fall from the tree to the ground, where they are harvested.

Cutting Kapoks down is forbidden in many regions of the Amazon. Indigenous people use the extensive root system as a communication tool; tapping on them sends echoes reverberating for miles, warning of danger, alerting tribesmen to a successful hunt, or just saying hello.

We decided Mrs. Noodle and other products should be made here in the USA , filled with Kapok. The people making the noodles earn a fair wage, and work in a lovely environment of light, air, respect and human dignity. When people come over to visit and curl up in the noodle, they too want to be embraced by all the spiritual power of the rainforest. We want to share this trail of love with you. 

By Molly Findlay 

All rights to above text and products 2018 by  Molly Findlay
Top 3 photos by Nina Choi
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